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Jon Bos has worked around the world for decades and is the consummate professional, with shows in Bali, Bangkok, Australia, across Canada and the USA. Jon plays to the client and his absolutely huge repertoire ensures his ability to cater precisely to the taste of the room.

The show is interactive and entertaining and often Jon can be found in the audience playing guitar with someone's wine glass or beer bottle on his wireless wander around the venue.


Jon plays classic and modern rock and roll, blues, country, high energy rockers and dance floor fillers as well as mellow, groovy, easy-listening classics.

From familiar sing-along hits to danceable favorites, Jon Bos is tremendously entertaining, professional, reliable and sounds fantastic.



"Jon is a great musician either solo or in a band and can play a very wide variety of music. Great to hire for special events and great to see in any venue he plays!" Extreme Networks VP Sales Asia and Japan

"Watching Jon perform is a great experience, he has an easy way about him and is incredibly entertaining. Love his guitar skills! This is a talent you need to see!" R.E.I. Operations Sales
"Jon Bos is a fantastic one man musician with great guitar vocals and backing tracks. He fronts Jon Bos Band which is also a very sought after popular musical act, with many fans. He is perfect for weddings and live music venues and more !! You will recommend him to your friends when you have seen him live! " Independent Managaing Consulting Professional
"I've had the opportunity to watch Jon perform on many occasions and in several venues. His family oriented show is a must see for both adults and kids. Jon is capable of rocking a party crowd as well. The sheer volume of songs Jon can pull out of his hat borders on creepy. Would totally recommend." President, Paul Cotton Films
"Jon is a true professional, and works hard at ensuring every little detail is perfect. He's a crowd pleaser, and has the whole bar dancing and enjoying his music. I would highly recommend him!" Owner Operator Snowshoe Sams, Big White Ski Resort
"I got to know Jon at après ski at Big White Ski Resort. We then brought him in for our staff summer parties. He is absolutely excellent, able to take on any songs and with such energy and enthusiasm. Our only difficulty is remembering to book him early enough because he's in such high demand." C.E.O. Hergott Law
"Jon is both highly skilled, and has extreme attention to detail whether in music performance or production, research in any field . I would give the highest recommendation possible to Jon, and am happy to say he is one of the elite when it comes to music , both live performance and production." Peter Hannan, Photographer


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