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Jon has worked around the world for decades and is the consumate professional, with shows in Bali, Bangkok, Australia, across Canada and the USA.

Jon plays to the client and his absolutely huge repetoire ensures his ability to cater precisely to the taste of the room.

The show is interactive & entertaining and often Jon can be found in the audience playing guitar with someone's wine glass or beer bottle on his wireless wander around the room.

Jon plays classic and modern rock'n roll, blues, country, high energy rockers and dance floor fillers as well as mellow, groovy, easy-listening classics.

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Jon is dedicated and passionate about helping to make your wedding day flawless and unforgettable for both of you and every one of your guests. Jon has played scores of weddings and understands the subtleties of being part of that kind of day. As well as being the wedding reception band, he is also able to provide background music live or canned at different points throughout the day and has even been known to play the bride down the aisle with a tender, poignant love song on acoustic guitar.

Jon provides absolutely everything needed from a technical and entertainment standpoint in order to make that perfect wedding day come to life. From microphones for speeches and all the P. A. and dance floor lighting that you would expect to elevate the event, Jon is the one-stop shop. When it's time to party, Jon makes the night memorable by playing a huge selection of great tunes that get everyone on the dance floor; from flower girl to grandmother of the bride!

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On a big stage, in front of a few hundred people is where Jon's one-guy show really starts cooking. Conventioneers certianly welcome good entertainment after a long weekend of work, so as dessert plates are being cleared away, and speeches are wrapping up, Jon's show is a welcome and appreciated highlight.

See that office politic melt away as co-workers come together for a great time over music they all know, love and can sing along to. Jon Bos Rocks is always tremendously well received.


Some companies theme their parties. Jon caters to that and will rent the materials needed to fit that theme. He's done 'Groovy 60's & 70's', 'Greek/Roman Toga' and 'British Pub Night' parties, to name a few. Always interactive and fun, Jon Bos Rocks is ideal for Corporate parties and events.



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Nothing makes a big impression like hiring your own band for a private party and Jon Bos fits that bill to a 'T'. One of the great things about his solo show is that it doesn't need to take up a lot of room so... if you want to fit your 'band' in the living room, on the patio, by the swimming pool or heck, even in the kitchen, it can be done with Jon's versatile show.

Jon has played a huge variety of private shows: birthday parties, Christmas parties, beach side pig roasts, staff parties, flatbed truck stages at Motor sport ovals, and surprisingly more 50th birthday parties than any other birthday combined! It's the breadth and scope of his repertoire that is especially great for events that may have a wide range of ages in attendance.




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